Do you know your Tag games?

July 27, 2018

Tag: More than just a Funny Movie!

Tag is making a popular comeback, thanks to the new movie in theaters now, but do you know these variations of  the classic game of tag? With all of these in the tool box, I can't think of an easier way for kids and youth to get out their energy!

Amoeba Tag | Ankle Tag | Backwards Tag | Blob Tag | Clothespin Tag | Dragon Tag | Elbow Tag | Flashlight Tag | Freeze Tag | Lemonade Tag | Shadow Tag | Sting Tag | T. Rex Dinosaur Tag | Werewolf Tag | Wizard Tag | Zombie Tag

One of the most interesting one to me was Lemonade Tag:

Equipment Needed: None. How to Play: Divide into two groups. One group decides on a mutual occupation, such as being, ostrich farmers, or tight-rope walkers. Then they walk toward the other group. As they move toward the other group they begin a banter with the opposite group by saying, ” Here we come.” The other group answers, “Where from?” “(Name of a city) ____ City.” “What’s your trade?” “Lemonade” ” If you’re not afraid, show me…” The first group acts out the profession. As soon as the group guesses the profession, the first team turns and sprints back toward base. The other group races after to tag them. If someone is caught, they join the guessing team to choose the next profession.

To read about all of the about variations, check out the following page from, with a hat tip to United Methodist Camp and Retreat Ministries (UMCRM) S'More Mail (subscribe here) for including this in their latest e-mail!

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