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January 02, 2019

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Reflections on the Seven Foundations for Camp & Retreat Ministries

 Wallowa Lake Camp Shares Appreciation for Volunteers who Inspire Others

Intro to Foundation 7: Inspire and Equip Lives for Love and Justice

by Peggy Lovegren, Director of Wallowa Lake Camp   

What a blessing it is for United Methodist Camps to have opportunities to inspire and equip guests to do love and service!

For many of our guests, life can be full of hatred fear, stress, loneliness, and violence. Camps strive to inspire and equip all of our guests to do love and service by providing a place of love, safety, community, joy and peace. A place set apart from people’s everyday lives.

At Wallowa Lake Camp, we realize the power of volunteers to inspire others by doing God’s work. We invite volunteers who serve out of love and joy, not out of obligation, so they are happy to be serving.  Guests are constantly amazed at the service freely given by volunteers who ask for nothing in return. Our volunteers love unconditionally and out of a will to make the world a better place! Talk about inspirational! 
I wish I had the space to list the names of each volunteer and all they have done, and continue to do, to bless this world by serving at camp. By providing our guests with a space to learn and grow, our volunteers inspire and equip them to do love and service for others

I could write pages and pages about our amazing volunteers. These wonderful people ensure that camp runs smoothly. Here is a list of just a portion the things they do: build, paint, clean buildings, dishes, preparations for meals, and make coffee. They chop fire wood, raise money so kids who normally couldn’t come to camp can come; they donate money, serve on our site ministry team, serve as camp nurses, maintenance personnel, they plant flowers and trees, organize supplies, they are counselors, teach curriculum, share music….each volunteer is blessed with unique gifts to share.
Camps inspire and equip guests to do love and service in many ways: we provide space to renew and rejuvenate, share in bible studies and programming, we treat our guests with loving hospitality, through conversations and fellowship, we share messages of hope and invitations to church, and we provide quiet places to hear God and accept challenging people.
What a blessing it is to inspire and equip guests to do love and service!
Thank you, God, for camps and retreat centers and especially for volunteers who make it possible!

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