21 Ways Wallowa Lake Practices Creation Care

August 15, 2018

There Must be 21 Ways to Teach About Creation at Wallow Lake Camp!

Reflections on the Seven Foundations for Camp & Retreat Ministries

Foundation 5: Teaching Creation Care and Appreciation

by Peggy Lovegren Director for Wallowa Lake Camp

Ahhhh…. God’s majestic creation!  We are all called to be stewards of God’s creation and to live and teach appreciation of it.
At camp, we care by example, acting responsibly to protect all of creation.

Wallowa Lake Camp demonstrates this by:

  • Having wonderful volunteers who help with this mission
  • Building as “green” as possible
  • Replacing our light bulbs with LED’s
  • Recycling everything we can
  • Using locally sourced and organic foods when we can
  • Encouraging our guests to conserve, reuse, and recycle resources
  • Donating food leftovers to local group home
  • Teaching creation care in our curriculum
  • Writing about creation care in our “Thoughts for the Day” in the dining room
  • Inviting groups who care about the earth to use the camp
  • Planting native trees and plants
  • Hanging flower baskets which attract bees and butterflies
  • Removing noxious weeds and invasive plant species
  • Providing habitat for ground nesting birds, fox, bunnies, deer etc…
  • Not allowing pets at camp to protect wildlife
  • Keeping “wild” areas undeveloped and un-manicured
  • Providing spaces to meditate in nature
  • Encouraging people to “Get Outside” to play, pray, meet, sleep, and eat
  • Keeping camp dark, so people can be in awe of the infinite depth of our universe
  • Leading Trip and Travel events to get people into other parts of creation
  • Teaching people about finding God in nature

Being at camp, it’s not hard to love and appreciate creation….so teaching creation care comes naturally.  Guests are then more likely to take this care and appreciation of creation back home with them and spread the word to others!

Peace and Joy,


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